Large format tiles – Getting Bigger, Better and Growing faster, Stronger.

The Ceramic Industry has always been about bringing new and astounding changes to product range. It all started 3 decades back with small tiles 4” x 4” size and gradually increased. Largely catalyzed by the advent of new technologies, better material and professionals coming into the industry, size growth came in naturally. However prior to the last decade most of these size increases were adopted years after they were successful elsewhere in the world.

The vision of entrepreneurs in the ceramic sector in India, specifically in Morbi and Himatnagar regions has always been large. They have always punched above their weight and are today rubbing shoulders with the best in Industry.

However, in the last decade, investment in machinery, batter raw material and qualified and experienced people from technology has picked up pace to bring in large format tiles to the product basket of manufacturers.

The last decade has seen unprecedented growth in demand for every interior design and construction item due to increasing purchasing power in India as well as change in tastes and preferences. With the construction industry itself fueling growth, the demand for better, bigger sizes of tiles was an obvious outcome.

The Ceramics sector is excited to see how 800 x 1600, 800 x 2400 sized large format tiles are finding fast and positive adoption.

Main Factors promoting the greed for big and its manifestation

Market Demand: As consumers and home builders look for open floor plans with enticing aesthetics, demand for larger kitchen platforms and surfaces has increased. As a result of this demand, producers are increasing the variety of big-sized products they offer.

Technology improvements in the Tiles and ceramic manufacturing industry: Big-sized surfaces can now be produced more easily and affordably. Adequate advancements in machinery and equipment has empowered manufacturers to produce large slabs with accuracy and efficiency providing improved cutting, shaping, and finishing methods.

Material Innovation: The proliferation of slabs and large format tiles has also been aided by the availability of a wide range of materials appropriate for large-sized surfaces. Engineered quartz, porcelain, and ultra compact surfaces are common choices to produce slabs for large kitchen platforms because of their durability, adaptability, and aesthetic options.

Market expansion and competition have both increased as a result of rising consumer demand. While new businesses are entering the market to specifically meet the demand for large-sized surfaces, existing manufacturers are expanding their product lines to include larger sizes.

Trade and Globalization: Through international trade and e-commerce platforms, manufacturers can now reach a global market. This has increased the options available to consumers by allowing manufacturers from various regions to reach customers in Europe and beyond.

Customers are increasingly looking for distinctive and personalized designs for their kitchen platforms. Manufacturers are leveraging this trend by providing customization options, including large surfaces customized to specific needs.