About Morbi Ceramic Industry

Morbi has undergone a remarkable transformation from being a town primarily focused on producing roof tiles (naliya) to becoming a hub for modern, highly automated tile manufacturing units that produce world-class ceramic products. This transition has been made possible due to the hard work and visionary approach of the industrialists in Morbi, who possess exceptional entrepreneurial skills.

Build Avenue magazine proudly recognizes and applauds the entrepreneurs of Morbi for their achievements.

Here are some notable facts about the Morbi ceramic cluster:

  • The cluster comprises over 800 units, covering an expansive area of 450 square kilometers.

  • Morbi benefits from the availability of raw materials, skilled labor, and a robust infrastructure.

  • The cluster produces over 3 billion square meters of ceramic products.

  • Morbi is the second-largest ceramic cluster in the world.

  • The range of products includes ceramic tiles, sanitary wares, and various other ceramic items.

  • Morbi is globally renowned for its exceptional quality, innovative designs, and competitive pricing.

  • Approximately 30% of the cluster's production is exported to international markets.

  • The industry plays a crucial role in generating employment opportunities for millions of people.

  • Morbi's ceramic cluster is experiencing rapid growth, expanding its influence in the industry.

The achievements and growth of the Morbi ceramic industry are truly commendable, making it a significant contributor to the economy and a source of pride for the region.