A THIN tile challenging the thick ones.

5mm tiles are here to take a bite of tiles markets, with sure benefits.

The Ceramic industry and particularly tile manufacturers have always been innovative. But, once in a while comes an innovation that has the potential to shake up the market to the point of disruption. 5mm thick tiles, an instrumental innovation by Silon Granito LLP, seems to be the perfect innovation that presents this challenge. The obvious benefits of 5 mm tiles are many.


It has two ECO-friendliness, ecological and economical.

With just 5 mm of clay used per tile as compared to 9 mm, natural clay is saved, so is the fuel needed to fire the clay into the tiles. Further, it saves on fuel, energy and weight all summing up to furthering the ecological benefit to mother earth. However, ECONOMICAL benefits outweigh all benefits and the markets will just love them.

Lesser weight permits double quantity transport at the same cost. Holding costs in warehouses and logistics costs are saved by around 50%. lifting the tiles to higher floors of the building is naturally less costly. It also puts lesser weight on walls and the building, not to mention the lesser adhesive needed for laying. Being suitable for walls, these tiles are a masons’ delight as his work becomes light and fast.

Go ahead, try the new 5mm tiles.