TRADE INTERVIEW : Mr. Mukeshbhai Kundaria, The President, Morbi Ceramic Manufacturers Association

Ceramics: Opportunities and Challenges

The Build Avenue team caught up with Mr. Mukesh Kundaria, the president of Morbi Ceramic Manufacturers Association. The association represents 700+ manufacturers in the Morbi region whose primary focus is ceramic products.

Here are highlights of the interview.

Domestic Markets: The going is truly challenging. The demand is slowing down and the supply has picked up in the past 2 years. The effect of lockdowns is out and the peak demands have now largely subsided.

This is motivating business houses to look abroad and expand their sales base globally.

Exports: The anti dumping duty in the GCC countries is impacting the exports negatively. This is costing the buyer more and hence becomes unattractive. The players hope for a better policy decision that would favor manufacturers in the ceramic sector. This would immensely assist the already reeling industries.

Further, the association is in an effort to establish more policy benefits through Foreign Trade Agreements (FTA) that would do away with non basic duties for importers. Currently there are very few countries that have an FTA with India. Once the number of these increases, the landed cost of goods for importing countries will surely uptick the exports.