Our director, Mr. Utpal Doshi, recently met with Mr. Mukeshbhai Kundria

Our director, Mr. Utpal Doshi, recently met with Mr. Mukeshbhai Kundria, the president of the Vitrified Tiles Association in Morbi, the second-largest cluster of ceramic manufacturing globally. During their discussion, Mr. Kundria shared noteworthy insights, revealing that Morbi's exports surged by 20% in the last fiscal year, with projections indicating a further increase to Rs. 20,000 crore by the end of the current financial year. The domestic market, on the other hand, stands at approximately Rs. 40,000 crore.

This growth is attributed to continuous innovation, the introduction of new surfaces and designs, and the incorporation of cutting-edge technology by visionary entrepreneurs in Morbi. The landscape is set to expand further with the impending operation of approximately 30 new factories.

When probed about strategies to enhance exports and the necessary government support, Mr. Kundria highlighted crucial points. Medium enterprises have to pay SMEs within 45 days , he insisted that Medium Enterprises should also get their payment in the same time frame, currently ceramic industries payment cycle is prolonged . Another significant suggestion was the exploration of Navlakhi Port, situated near Morbi. Currently exporting from Mundra Port, Mr. Kundria emphasized that developing Navlakhi Port would substantially reduce fuel costs for transportation, as the daily consumption of fuel for Morbi's export transportation stands at 1 lakh liters. This move not only benefits the industry but also contributes to national savings by curbing fuel consumption.

In essence, Morbi's ceramic sector is poised for further growth, with innovative practices, new ventures, and strategic infrastructure development playing pivotal roles in propelling both domestic and international market expansion.