Build Avenue Business Promotion Tour to Turkey & Unicera

In the lead-up to Diwali, Build Avenue embarked on a compelling business promotion tour focused on Indian Ceramic Tiles, set against the vibrant backdrop of Istanbul, Turkey. This market exploration initiative unfolded from October 31 to November 4, during which we engaged with a diverse spectrum of stakeholders, including tile retailers, dealers, and wholesalers in the region. Conversations revolved around the nuances of Indian ceramic tiles and the pertinent duty structures imposed by Turkey. Build Avenue took the opportunity to share valuable insights regarding its vision in the industry.

Following the fruitful market visit, Build Avenue actively participated in the renowned Unicera Trade Fair, dedicated to the ceramic industry. Spanning from November 6 to November 10, the five-day event provided an ideal platform for industry players to converge and showcase their offerings. Notably, Build Avenue had a dedicated stall at the fair, where we interacted with visitors not only from Turkey but also from Morocco, the UAE, England, Libya, and other nations.


During this significant industry event, Build Avenue distributed both physical and digital copies of the Build Avenue Turkey special issue to the attendees. This exclusive publication served as a comprehensive guide to the Indian ceramic industry. Visitors were thoroughly briefed on various aspects of the industry, and their queries were addressed in detail, fostering an informative and engaging exchange of insights.

The Business Promotion Tour of Turkey facilitated meaningful interactions with approximately 200 ceramic entrepreneurs. Through the provision of the Turkey special by Build Avenue, our presentation, and the ensuing healthy business discussions, our professional approach resonated positively with the attendees. This multifaceted engagement not only strengthened ties with the Turkish market but also contributed to a broader international dialogue within the ceramic industry.