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Recreating Natural Beauty….. And Saving Mother Earth……..
As we grow more ‘DEVELOPED’, the world is going into a spiraling climatic chaos without a u turn. Seasons are unpredictable, so is rain. More tsunami and cyclones are witnessed than before. Summers are getting hotter while winters are getting colder.

Is this nature or is this man’s consistent interference with nature? Is this what we want our children to get, mother earth all used up and in an utter state of dismay?

Since the start of business organizations and later on communities related through businesses, the word CSR or Corporate Social responsibility has been much talked about (and probably less implemented). Some feel that donating amounts to the needy suffices in CSR and we do not need to do more.

Some are so profit obsessed that they would knowingly become amoral and let things drift to calamity before their own eyes.

It is time the industrialists and business men, out of sheer moral and ethics go to lengths to act and preserve earth, not by donation, but by inculcating practices and attitudes within their businesses to care for nature.

How is Ceramic Industry Helping?

Ceramic Industry is helping in multiple channels to see that mother earth is preserved and kept natural and virgin. With almost three product offerings in massive scale they have been able to set up total systems to save earth. More so, it is a profitable venture as well, which keep these businesses sustainable and going stronger year on year.


How can tiles form an earth saver?

Genuine question, sir. What if there were no tiles industry? We would be going for natural material to get our walls and floorings done wouldn’t we ?

We would use Trees for floors. Some countries do, however, they are abundant in trees.

We would use Marbles and granites in homes to décor as well as for their functional value.

IN the process we will be cutting numerous trees. As populations rise and building construction industry grows, we will cut more trees.

We would have also broken mountains to get that particular piece of marbles. We would have stripped Mother Nature of stones that took years to build.

With the advent of tiles, this practice of using natural materials subsided. Out of multiple benefits of lower price, abundant availability, long life, wide range, pre-cut or pre-sized tiles and fast application, the tiles have over time gained a great heart share for customers and that has helped the industry too.

Let us get into detail.

Marbles, look natural, are breathtakingly beautiful and have a strong luxurious/lavish appeal. So, we get marble not only from India, but from Europe (mainly Italy) as well. Further, there are people who pay huge for imports and laying as natural marble is brittle.

Despite of being porous and brittle, which adds to the cost and inconvenience of application and daily maintenance, we pay heavy price for initial purchase.

Cut to the modern age of tiles. The replicates of any marble are now available in tiles. These tiles are of varying sizes and match marbles grain to grain in appearance.

Further, they can have a better shine, and capability of polish. Being fundamentally hard and stringer than marble, they will last longer.

Tiles are basically non porous and hence do not absorb liquids. In marbles, absorbed liquids evaporate, leaving stains. Particularly in tropical regions where water maybe harder, daily washing leaves marbles with white patches for years.
Tiles do not have such problem.

We can argue that aesthetics matter. Well, with Digital Printing Technology adopted in almost all tile manufacturing companies, getting the exact match of aesthetics that too in any kind of finish you desire (matt, Glossy, Satin, Luster) is possible. Natural stones cannot give you that.

With tiles, you can also design Wooden lookalikes. From Dark mahogany to light yellow teaks, all colors and wood like veins can be created with digital printing facility. It is understood that the feel of these tiles do not match that of wood due to the sheer fragrance of wood as well as its coolness in summers and heat in winters.

Another such material is granite. Hard, very functional and much better than marbles for working surfaces. However, they are hard to find, costly as well as they deplete nature of its resources.

Wall and well a floor tiles with the look of granite as well as hardness and strength of granite are already available. More so these are available in big sizes making them perfect substitutes of granites as well.

Sanitary ware
While tiles being good replacement for natural stones as well as wall and flooring by wood, Sanitary ware, an integral item in ceramic sector does not normally get the importance.

To let you know, sanitary ware and its use indirectly greatly helps keep the world better and hygienic.

How, you may ask. With more than 34% of the world not having proper sanitation facility, people indirectly defecate in open, mostly near a water body. There by the water body is severely contaminated because of years of defecating. This leads to the plants flora and fauna of the region being affected.

Further, sanitation helps massively in conserving water and limiting its use. It also keeps the urban as well as dwelling areas clean and hygienic.

Whenever we think of home building and décor, we never forget the aesthetics of homes. Another component is space utilization, especially in urban areas. Smaller spaces, even difficult to maintain hygiene. Now, with good manufacturing technologies available sanitary ware manufacturers have been able to solve all the problems related to sanitation. From Water closets to wash basins, there are several sizes, shapes and looks available for good sanitation facilities in the world.

Let us reiterate here that more than 34% of the world still needs access to basic sanitation facilities. There is a great scope for further improvement leading to taking better care of the environment.

Roof tiles.

Roof tiles, another product of the ceramic and pottery industry has vital inputs in keeping the earth safer. With increasing heat mainly in sub tropical and tropical regions, use of air conditioning increases exponentially. There are many other cooling machines also widely used which consumer energy as well as make the environment even hotter.

With the use of roof tiles in many homes, the cooling of homes is quiet acceptable and it helps reduce and eliminate use of air conditioners. Roof tiles also help against rains and makes sure rains waters are guided into an underground water well, making water tables richer.

Build Avenue is proud to be operating as premier magazine in Ceramic Sector. The sector is fundamentally, focused on doing business and delivering products that directly and indirectly help the environment become better and safer.
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