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India over the last decade has become one of the growing economies in the world, with strong focus on turning SMEs into MSMEs and MSMEs into one of the largest businesses in the world, establishing global dominance in various sectors, especially in the fields of medicine, technology, engineering and many more. A significant part of this growth is due to all the efforts put by the Government, and the various schemes, incentives it has introduced.

A special mention here has to be given to the growing ceramic and sanitary ware industry of India, which is to put numerically, the 2nd largest ceramic and sanitary ware industry in the world. The Indian ceramic and sanitary ware industry which is generally represented in the world by the Morbi Ceramics Associations (MCA), the 2nd largest ceramic and sanitary ware cluster in the world, the grandeur of which is evident from the 700+ manufacturers that it houses. Contributing to about 90% of the Indian ceramic production, and to about 13% of the world ceramic and sanitary ware production, the numbers speak volumes, volumes of production these ceramic and sanitary ware manufacturers are directly involved in. As Shri KG Kundariya, President, Vitrified Tile Division, MCA would like to say, “ MCA has shown this growth and progress only in the last 2 decades. Give us another, and we will be the leaders in the global ceramic industry, with our quality, unmatchable, our prices, very comparable.”

The Hon’le PM of India Shri Narendra Modi and his government, with a vision unthinkable, and a thought process unprecedented has over a period of 15 year ensured that the state of Gujarat sees tremendous growth, development and progress in terms of business, investment and employment, owing to the various initiatives, split regionally and sectorally, like Vibrant Gujarat, Vibrant Saurashtra, Vibrant Kutch, and now Vibrant Ceramics. Under his vision, and with his active support, Octagon Communications Pvt. Ltd. and Morbi Ceramics Associations had organized the first of the many editions of Vibrant Ceramics Expo and Summit in December 2016, which gave a glimpse of the business potential of the Indian ceramic industry to more than 600 overseas delegates who participated from more than 24 countries, which was unrealized, or very vaguely realised in India and overseas before the expo. However, the expo has put the Indian ceramic industry in the limelight and has grabbed the attention and the curiosity of everyone involved in the ceramic and sanitary ware industry. Mr. Sandip Patel, CEO, VCES, who has a vast experience of organizing trade expos of these scale, size and magnitude strongly emphasizes on the support and assistance he has got from the government, especially PM Mr. Modi, as he mentions “ The Vibrant trade expos are one of the best things that has happened to the industries in Gujarat. They have not only lifted the morale of the businessmen in Gujarat, but has strongly promoted entrepreneurship among my fellow Gujaratis, thereby generating a lot of employment in Gujarat.”

The second edition of VCES to be organized from 16th to 19th November 2017 will be the biggest expo of finished ceramic products in the world, with an exhibition area of 50,000 sq meters, with over 250 exhibitors participating, providing the perfect platform to meet and connect with the 2500+ overseas trade visitors coming in from more than 65 countries. Mr. Nilesh Jetpariya, President, Wall Tile Division, MCA says ,”These trade visitors will cover the entire value chain, from manufacturers and exporters, who are looking for join venture opportunities with their counterparts across the world, to importers, distributors who are in search of better, innovative products at comparable rates, to end users including architects, interior designers and building and construction companies, who would like to use the best there is out there in their plans / projects. This expo will try to serve as the platform to connect all of these, all under one roof.”

The expo will have various products under display from floor and wall tiles, to vitrified tiles, double charged tiles, tiles with different colors, patterns, designs, shapes, and sizes, along with sanitary ware items which have now also become an item of luxury as the designs and the various styles suggest. Also, the expo will also focus on the various technologies implemented, be it to increase the production by reducing the waste of resources, or be it to print the designs on the tiles. It will also throw light on the various standards required by each country, the do’s and the don’t of doing business with the ceramic industries in various countries. The expo will also help you with factory visits thereby increasing transparency and at the same time, providing all our participants a chance to ensure that they actually connect to companies which suit their requirements.

VCES 2017 will thus serve to boost the businesses of all those involved, helping them become one of the leading brands in the world, also significantly increasing trade relations between the participating countries. I would like to end it with what Mr. Vishal Acharya, the International Advisor to VCES has to say about the future of VCES and the expectations from it, “Overall, the expo though focused solely on the ceramic tiles and sanitary ware products, is focused, over the next few editions, on becoming a one stop destination for the entire ceramic industry, from machine parts, to latest tools, machines and resources used to manufacture tiles, to designers, to the end products not only from India but from across the world.

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