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DIGITAL MARKETING-Creating a Lasting Brand Online
The heart of all marketing communication is content. Using the same content as in traditional marketing is great starter. However, go into amore detailing. Set up blogs and e-mail marketing campaigns that add onto traditional marketing efforts.

Develop and repurpose content to match your objective. If you are using Social Media extensively (which you need to) make sure your content is augmented with action calls.

Digital marketing primarily empowers you to get user engagement. You want your buyer to talk to you. To give you some inputs, to ask questions, to highlight what he feels. This is where Digital Marketing leads to other forms of marketing. Provide fast and reliable response, this makes for a good relationship builder. Always plan for getting feedback and reviews. Just to let you know, most of the buying decisions are now made through reviews of products, make sure you have enough of them.

Before we move on, it is best to caution you on social media content. Do not make is all Business and products only. Social Media is “SOCIAL” first. Keep a ratio of 80: 20 with 20% of business posts. Keep Social Media Social.


To further highlight engagement, we suggest you to go with a strategy where you can invite responders to visit your showrooms and factories in case of ceramic companies.

You can throw in some gifts to drive better and more engagement.
For ceramic sector, we recommend targeting engagement of major influencers namely, architects, interior designers, builders and high end construction companies. They have to feel the actual products. Engaging them online and then creating a physical contact will serve you best.

Opinion Polls, Caption contests, real question Answer blogs all will bring in more professionals in design industry to engage, making conversion with them easy.

Frequency of Outward Communication

This is one of the most debated question bys specialists in digital marketing and marketers in traditional landscape. While some believe less is more, some believe more is essential.

It is believed that too much of it is hammering. Just to let you know, the messages in digital domain are not long living. They have short shelf life.

If there are few posts only, you are discouraging engagement and also limiting your reach.

Social Media specially has a wide reach as it has wide sharing personalities and multiple groups and boards. Lesser you post lesser people you reach.

That does not mean you do it every hour, but you have to be quiet consistent. A post every week is futile to even think of.

E-mails and Blogs can be limited to an extent but not deleted altogether. They have a personal touch and information attraction that leads to clear brand differentiation understanding.

It is best to have six months of running time of consistent posting and reaching audience and then taking a call on cutting down posts.

Search Engine Optimization

While most of the above were strategies targeted towards social media, mail and blogs, we cannot ignore Search Engine Optimization of your web site.

Company Website should always be well optimized. Remember, users still prefer to search through search engines like Google and yahoo. If you rank in first 10 pages too, a genuine customer can drive to your web site.

Most of the web sites are poorly optimized, while most bucks go in making them marvelous, their response rate and conversion rate is minimal primarily due to poor SEO elements and parameters.

It is a pity that most do not even have a correct title tag. It is worth investing in and putting time for it to mature. Also keep it dynamic so the parameters can be changed regularly.

There is much more to Digital Marketing and branding which we will cover in coming issues. Kindly note, Build Avenue itself has a strong Digital marketing capability and you can call on us to help you in the exercise of digital marketing.

Feedback Welcome.
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