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01.jpg Life is full of opportunities and challenges. It is but human nature to focus more on the challenges and pull oneself down. It has been imbued through thousands of negatives being highlighted across contacts, media and other expositions the human mind is subjected to.
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At one juncture in life that we all go through, we have to make the most important decision of life which is – “What do I want to become”.

While many of us decide to become doctors, engineers, teachers or to take up a job somewhere to earn a sustainable income for the rest of our lives, and yet there are these strong willed and fearless risk-takers who decide that they want to become entrepreneurs.

I conduct a lot of training programs for entrepreneurs from the the NMSME (Nano, Micro, Small and Medium) Sector and often ask the participants as to why they chose to become entrepreneurs.

The responses mostly consist of answers such as “for not having to report to anyone”, “to be independent”, “to follow my dreams”, “to work as per my time”, “to make more money”, “to have free time with family”, “to support father in business” and the likes.

This is when I intervene to give a clarity that we all became entrepreneurs to enjoy our rights. All entrepreneurs are supposed to enjoy their 10 Entrepreneurial Rights.

These 10 Entrepreneurial Rights can be divided into 2 types:

Right From–Right that you can avoid and say no to a certain things that you do not want or like
Right To – Right to do and enjoy a certain things that you feel you are entitled to as an entrepreneur

So let’s take a look into what these essential 10 entrepreneurial rights actually are…


Stress is an emotion or feeling that we all know only lowers our productivity, it brings all the negative emotions along with it like irritation, anger, tension, worry, despair, disappointment, hostility, demotivation and the feeling of giving up.

As entrepreneurs, to remain most productive, we have the right to stay away from stress by choosing to stay away from all activities and people that drain our energies and do things that give a boost to momentum and enhance our drive and vigor and move from being in a state of distress to De-stress.


In our journey of entrepreneurship, we get so much involved into the nitty-gritties of everything that our business is the only thing that gets our 24*7*365 of our time.

We are on our phone calls and mails almost all the time and often into the nights too stretching into our dreams to. Our work-life balance goes for a toss, we become guests in our house and our family becomes a long distant relationship for us, our hobbies and favorite activities become long lost. All this when plays on our mind, we are prone to making wrong decisions and becoming stressful.

But since we all became entrepreneurs to enjoy the kind of “our time” we always dreamt of, it is an indispensable right we must, must capture. We must plan our time in a way that we remain productive and rejuvenated at all times.


We wanted to earn a lot of wealth than we could in an employment mode and so we became an entrepreneur is what many of us say. But this wealth can only be earned if we excel at doing what we do the best.

As entrepreneurs, we take up the responsibility of all functions of the business including H.R., Finance, Marketing, Production and all mundane activities which divert our attention from our ‘Distinct Forte’. We must stay away from activities that we are bad, able and superior at and employ people who are best suitable for managing these functions. We need to focus only on our differentiating ability, the Distinct Fortewhich will enable us to earn all the wealth we deserve to and take our organization to the highest level of success.



Entrepreneurs get involved into anything and everything of their business leading to them having to have their attention to every detail. This disturbs us and in this world where our attention span has decreased, it becomes difficult to remain clear and work with complete thoughtfulness.

It is imperative that entrepreneurs take time to focus on their most important goals, commitments, relationships, and priorities including their health, grooming, personal upgrading, learning, leisureand travelling as it is an essential right for them to remain productive.


In doing our business, whilst we keep striving to continuously achieve better results but it never happens at the pace we want it happen.

Therefore to make it happen, we need to plan and channelize our resources to ensure optimal returns, we need to exercise our Right to Strategize about the next step to be taken, the next product to be launched, the next market to be tapped, the number of people to be hired, the turnover to be achieved and the clear roadmap to achieve our goal.


To be amongst the most successful business tycoons, what is most significant factor is to have the best of resources, people, alliances, partners,vendors, customers, opportunities and situations. As compared to an employed person who has to make adjustments, an entrepreneur has the right to attract the best of stakeholders that make him both successful and happy.


While we work with complete dedication and commitment towards the success of our business, after a point in time we start feeling guilty of not being available for our family, with the thought of managing everything by ourselves but we as entrepreneurs have the right to employ people to facilitate and help our business grow so that our businesses can thrive towards excellence, success and accomplishments.


All of us have an ultimate objective of becoming something in life which arises from a deep cause, a cause bigger than ourselves and all the riches in this materialistic world. As entrepreneurs, our cause is to build an organization that runs for 100s of years leading to the welfare of all stakeholders related to our business to make this world a better place for people to live in.


It is our Right to achieve exponential growth in a short span of time for a better tomorrow. By visualizing what we want to achieve, plan for it and work towards achieving it we will be able to build a better tomorrow which will be new, different and more worthy a legacy for being a role model for generations to duplicate.


Finally, we also need to enjoy the right to stay aloof from the commoditization trap (where all the market players offer the same product, same quality and quantity, in the same market place and just keep fighting the price-war by reducing their prices continuously). As entrepreneurs, we have the right to not get commoditized by having a distinct standing in the market through unique offerings and by creating meaningful transformations for all our stakeholders.

So my dear entrepreneur friends, after going through all the above 10 Entrepreneurial Rights, how many of them do you think you are actually enjoying…

If not, you need not worry because your Entrepreneurial Coach, your support in the journey of Entrepreneurship, Santosh Nair will take you out of your Entrepreneurial Chakravyuhs and help you achieve highest levels of success through various mediums.

Stay tuned to this space to know how to Gain back and completely enjoy your Entrepreneurial Rights.

Till then, here’s wishing you all the very best in your life and business!
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