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BIG is BEAUTIFUL Ceramic tiles becoming bigger, better and beautiful
The proverb “BIG IS BEAUTIFUL” has never been out of fashion. Since ages, mankind has been in the quest for the bigger achievements, whether it be items, turnovers, business or just a simple party.
Big and Large have always awed the maker as well as the users and viewers. BIG has been the single impactful factor that has attracted eye balls, attention and interest of consumers, marketers, business houses and stake holders as a whole.
Ceramic Industry has brown leaps and bounds after the 1990s. There has not been a single back step in development of industry, factories and products range.
This has been largely due to the BIG thinking of entrepreneurs in the ceramic sector. When I had a long discussion with an ad agency CEO working with ceramic companies, his major factor for growth and future expansion of the ceramic industry, specifically the Morbi region in India was the ability to think BIG by investors in the industry.
While all manufacturers have huge appetite for big investments, they have an ability to stick to their defined roles and work hard to garner success. The commitments to efforts, new technology implementation and acceptance of new and innovative ideas back their will to become bigger.
It is worthwhile to note that the past decade has seen ceramic sector deliveries reach 10 fold. That is an awful lot in such a small time. This decade has also witnessed huge technology investments. Not to mention the BIG amount of employment, direct and indirect that the industry creates, there has been massive up-gradation in marketing and advertising techniques.
As the Saints say, “Thoughts become things” the big thinking of enterprising businessmen of ceramic sector have lead to all these giant steps in the industry. Quantum physics too has validated that thoughts precede actual reality.
The BIG Technology
In a quest to be different and ahead of markets, every player in the industry has worked on several factors in the industry. These innovations and creative differentiation efforts have been on front of design, shapes, sizes, surface finish, maintenance factors and color.
All these characteristics have been totally revamped in to vast range of products and choices to customers across India and the world. These have seen an instant acceptance in markets. Architects and interior designers have been thoroughly taken notice of these offerings and made sure consumes understand and use these innovated products.
The point I try to make here is, these products have not come across by fluke. There have been massive investments in technology. Almost every manufacturing unit today boasts of adopted technology from Spain, Italy, USA and China. There are additional indigenous machines to support the total production systems that have witnessed a massive overhaul.
If we just pin point on two most impactful changes, they have been a] Digital Printing b] Bigger sizes.
Digital Printing has enabled manufacturers to produce variety fast and keep smaller batches. Variety has increased while reducing inventory held. Investment in working capital as a ratio of total turnover has reduced due to digital printing technology. With four colors and add on silver, gold and metallic effects, the digital printing capability empowers manufacturers to boast of seven color offerings.
Digital printing has also helped meet huge demand for varied looks and ambience enhancements keeping all designers happy whether it is a professional or a house wife or a businessman redoing his office.
The BIG sizes have been the second most impactful factor that has again given the next level of differentiation. Meeting the demand of replacing marble and granites that come in huge slabs, ceramic tiles in big sizes have been clearly and smoothly accepted.
Availability of Big Sizes:
800 X 800 MM Digital vitrified tiles is the first generation big tile to have hit the market and accepted. With strong properties of verifications and designer elegance of technology, these tiles are set to make floors beautiful. A perfect replacement of marbles of larger sizes, these tiles have the plus point of longer life.
To enhance the idea of big, 1000 x 1000 mm sizes have also been developed and are making market presence. The bigger the size, better is its acceptance. It makes for a richer and luxurious view. It adds to the aesthetics of grandeur of any ambience. Suitable for bigger spaces and halls, these sizes are hard to miss.
600 X 1200 mm GVT / PGVT or Glazed Vitrified tiles and Porcelain glazed vitrified tiles. As seen, they have big sizes. These tiles have all the strength enhancing characteristics of a vitrified tile. The only add on innovation for this range of tiles is Glazing on the surface that give it a special sheen and surface properties are far more attractive. They too are available in lot of designs and colors that make them favorable replacements for marble and granite flooring. With capability to reproducing exact marble like looks and moving beyond to more contemporary styles like metallic looks, they provide customers with a very wide choice in large sizes as well.
Double Charge Vitrified tiles
1. 800 X 1200
2. 800 X 1600
If huge is what you are looking for, this is it. Along with huge, there are some other words that define Double Charged Vitrified tiles. Elegant. Strongest. Attractive.
This is the latest in technology. Higher in value and costs, double charged vitrified tiles of 800 x 1200 and 800 x 1600 are the most difficult to manufacture.
With double process of charging as well as such a huge size, managing material movement and smooth production cycles is a big challenge.
This kind of big tiles require extremely expensive machinery at every stage in the production cycle, making its costs go uphill. However, the final tiles promise longest life with their aesthetics remaining intact. The glory of these tiles lie in their natural look and resemblance to marbles and granites due to larger sizes.
Making the BIG possible.
The BIG leap in technology has been the physical driver of such great products. It would have been impossible to imagine of these sizes maybe 5 years back.
From material, to machinery to inbound logistics to handling and dispatch, big sizes were though of a dream and nothing else.
However, inventions and innovations in technology, material and practices of ceramic manufacturers have led to development of such sizes.
With enterprising thoughts, these sizes have also become commercialized and are widely accepted in India and abroad. Having a liking and the ability to pay for in foreign countries, it will not be long before most of these tiles are exported in fair numbers compared to Indian domestic markets. This can be attributed to the fact that Indian homes and constructions are not yet that huge except for the upper strata. However, homes in the west are bigger and can make fruitful use of these BIG tiles.
While bigger is better, bigger does not have a limit. We will witness the advent of yet bigger sizes than those mentioned here. We wish, in some part of ceramic world they have already developed bigger and better tiles.
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