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Vibrant Ceramic 2016…. An incredibly successful event
New Beginnings, new ventures and new adventures always have an element of thrill, fear, expectation, doubt, all this summing into butterflies in the stomach. This exactly would have been the feeling of about 100+ entrepreneurs and the organizers of Vibrant Ceramic 2016, a global ceramics trade show, on the morning of 1 December 2016.

An event of this size and depth is the first of its kind focused on a single industry. For the ceramic industry too this was a bold new experience. Butterflies dancing in the stomach would still be an understatement as the participants as well as the organizing teams were in a deep uncertain territory.
But as late noon arrived all of the butterflies would have disappeared and an excellent sense of achievement and expectation of success would have bloomed on the faces o all stake holders.

Yes….. VIBRANT CERAMIC 2016 has been a huge success. No words can actually describe the feeling of participants and all other entities involved, but a Build Avenue, we will enjoy tracing the great moments and efforts that led to success of herculean proportions.

Some Big Wigs were there

The show was inaugurated by respected Chief Minister of Gujarat Shri Vijaybhai Rupani. As an entrepreneur himself and a visionary with zeal to take Gujarat to highest levels of success, he was mighty impressed with arrangements and participation of so many business houses.
He made it a point to meet a number of people including participants, organizing team, key visitors and global buyers. His presence added to the importance of event with media taking the opening ceremony and events to whole of India through newspapers, Television and social media.

He allocated quality time at the event from his busy schedule to further highlight the event. His eye for detail and attitude to see the good in all elements also helped the organizers. It motivated all stakeholders in the event and the rest is history.

The visits did not end there. To further boost morale of participants, Central Union Minister of The state Government of India - Agriculture, Farmers welfare & Panchayati Raj Rajya Sabha Member.BJP National Vice President. Shree Parshottam Rupala made a visit. He too spent quality time discussing and providing his valuable inputs to all he met.
Both the politicians and business men were in total awe of the situation and were very happy that Gujarat had a MAKE IN INDIA lion in ceramic sector.

Virtual Presence

The Iron Man from Gujarat and respected Shri Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel’s presence was experienced by participants and visitors equally. The very patriotic ceramic sector had laid life like statue of the great leader and almost everyone who visited was proud to take their selfies with the respected Gujarati. The success of event can be attributed to his blessing that is always with the state of Gujarat.

Selfie time did not end there. Organizers also put up a statue of the respected Prime Minister Shri Narendrabhai Modi. While his message was on display on the site and through video, his support and vision was seen at work during the whole event. He no doubt was the CM and CEO of state of Gujarat, and the policies he left behind have been instrumental in such great events coming up and being major successes.

The Stalls

There were twelve domes, a great achievement for pioneer event. There were massive stalls and decoration was so enticing that deciding which was best would have been challenge for the best of design experts.

I had the opportunity to visit the event myself as a visitor and was just in total awe of stall design and product displays. Finding the best is not our job, but if it was, I would have resigned gracefully as it was impossible to find a single best stall designer.

While very few participants had small 10 x 10 stall, most made a cluster of stalls to occupy large areas. While the architecture of stalls was commensurate with designer ceramic goods that they sell, display of products and meeting areas of each stall were comfortable. Every stall had enough sales representatives and marketing collaterals to satisfy visitors.
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