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Kuwait : Right for Ceramic Exports
There is an age old relation of the Middle East with Indian Products. Since years, the Indian products have easily and smoothly made inroads into the Middle Eastern markets. Middle East has not always been a great destination or industries to be established and run. Its weather being the main limitation, industrialization has always been restricted. But in the past century, it has emerged as the oil epicenter of the world, which has empowered the Middle East to become rich. This has also helped the countries in Middle East with stable governments to develop very fast.
KUWAIT AT A GLANCE: swiss replica watches
Population: 2,595,628 (July 2011 est.)
GDP (purchasing power parity):
US $144.3 billion (2010 est.)
GDP per capita (PPP):
US $51,700 (2010 est.)
GDP (real growth rate):
3.2% (2010 est.)
� Petroleum
� Petrochemicals
� Cement
� Shipbuilding and repair
� Water desalination
� Food processing
� Construction materials
Imports:bell & ross replica watches
US $20.36 billion (2010 est.)
Import commodities:
� Food
� Construction materials
� Vehicles and parts
� Clothing
US $65.03 billion (2010 est.)
Export commodities:
� Oil and refined products
� Fertilizers

Kuwait is one such country that has progressed into a major developed nation in the Middle East. In fact it is believed to be the most developed with women empowerment at various levels, a high degree of open mindedness and strong international investments even as oil prices are going south wards. It has, like all major Middle Eastern countries, a big importer of many goods, including ceramic goods. Ceramic goods needs are strongly linked to construction industry. Here is a glance at construction industry status in Kuwait ( as per 2012-13).
� Kuwait has large oil reserves, providing significant cushion to fight any economic difficulties.
� The country has been generating foreign exchange surpluses for a number of years because it exports more oil and related products than imports required goods. Thus, it has financing available for large projects.
� USD 12 Bn and above infrastructure investment will further boost development and growth.
� Better relations with neighboring states after the US intervation makes Kuwait a more attractive investment prospect.
� Kuwait has a strong and stable country structure and government management. Kuwaiti firms have good infrastructure and construction expertise.
� The tight integration of infrastructure development between Gulf States throughout the GCC provides opportunities for Kuwaiti firms to win contracts in the region.
� The Al-Zour refinery project, one o the largest o its kind in the world, appears to be back on track, offering opportunities for both energy infrastructure and wider construction projects and more employees coming in fueling the need or more construction in the country.
� The governments continuous support for infrastructure development provides opportunities for growth. Improvements in power and transmission systems are particularly beneficial for sustained systematic development.
� Kuwait�s construction industry value is forecast at approximately USD 3.2bn in FY13, representing a real value annual growth of 3.6%.
� MEED estimates the total value of projects planned or underway in Kuwait at US Dollar 188 billion.
� Transport construction accounts for 76% of total construction spend. These best replica watches include Metro, Airports, Motorways. Bridges, Energy, Petroleum, Power, Water resources and of course housing.
� Kuwait has at least USD 5bn of university building projects either in the planning stage or under construction.

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