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Bahrain: Small Country Big Opportunity
In business every opportunity at first appears very mild and non profitable. Consider this, once a shoe maker assigned his marketing head to visit Africa for surveying the demand. He came back and remarked, there was miniscule market as nobody wore shoes there. He then arranged for his young but inexperienced son to travel to Africa on a vacation and see if there were any opportunities. The son, being inexperienced made raw observation. He returned and remarked that as there were no suppliers of shoes in Africa the demand was limitless. The wisdom and not facts help make the decision.
Bahrain for Indian Ceramic products is very similar. There is demand, there are ceramic products though, but very less of Indian products feature in the preferred list. This can come as a low demand �FACT� or a limitless demand �WISDOM�.
The country
Bahrain or The Kingdom of Bahrain as it is politically known is a small Island country in the Persian gulf. It has a very low population and around 50% of them are expatriates.swiss replica watches
The country has a high percentage of non-bahrainians, which is a common aspect of Middle Eastern countries.
The Economy of the country is quiet strong due to the safety security and Free Trade Zone business opportunity. Compared to many war torn and unstable governments in the neighborhood, Bahrain promises easy and safe business, inviting many to come and do business here.
The Government also spends heavily on welfare, education and up-liftment of people of the country. The Health benefits provided by the government are very good and hence the spending on health is also strong.
This spending on better health creates better opportunity for ceramic goods, namely tiles and sanitary ware. Ceramic goods are a major aspect of health and hygiene. They are inevitable elements of making any country strong on healthcare. Thus t presents a perfect opportunity.
100% Imports of Ceramics
Bahrain has no ceramic manufacturing capability. There replica watches are no indigenous brands or even unorganized production of ceramics. The total consumption of ceramics in Bahrain is through imports.
Though the imports are stable and not increasing very fast owing to the stagnation in population and marginal growth in demand, the buying in terms of value is quiet large.
The major supplying countries for stylish and rich ceramic goods include Italy, Spain and other European countries, with Turkey being a major supplier due to the touch of Arabic styles.
The middle class purchases are generally bought from nearby suppliers in Saudi Arabia and UAE where there are a few manufacturers. However, some of these are indirect imports from other countries as well. The value of these is low but the volume is high.
The country in the past decade has not got into industrialization specifically in ceramics. It is also believed that there is very little focus to manufacture ceramics in the region largely due to unavailability of quality raw material in the region. There is no vision to invest and develop the manufacturing in the country and so the demand for imports is not likely to die down in the next two decades at least.


Indian Foot Prints
There are many goods of India being imported by Bahrain. They also make way via UAE and other middle eastern countries. Dealing with Bahrain and with a lot of Indian businessmen settled in Bahrain s no news. However, it is surprising that Indian Ceramic goods are at best in a very small numbers in Bahrain.
With such a stable design, what we at Build Avenue feel is that there has not been any focus or efforts to break the shackles and establish a shop in Bahrain by any of the ceramic goods brands and manufacturers. There will surely be some ceramic goods in Bahrain rooted through buyers in Saudi Arabia and UAE but direct supply is believed to be very small.
Grabbing the Niche
Build Avenue feels that Bahrain can be at best a niche, but a very profitable niche market for ceramic products in Bahrain. What are our strengths that make this niche very attractive.
� Quality: Our Quality of ceramic products is at par with European products. We have multiple standards in production ranging from Indian, European and American. The sizes and shapes meet those of the best manufacturers. We employ bets raw materials to ensure global quality standards.
� Technology: The manufacturing units in India are now technologically superior than a decade ago. With machines and equipments being imported from Europe and China and some better indigenous machines deployed, we can promise a great technology backup.
� Raw Material: Available in abundance and at a high quality medium price, the raw material of India gives a distinct cost advantage to the buyer.
� Export Promotion : The governments support to promote export empowers our manufacturers to gain better profits.
� Styling: With advanced technology like Digital printing Machines, we manufacture the most stylish and trendy ceramic products. Our designers develop global as well as local flavours to meet the needs of customers. The tiles and sanitary ware that make to the international markets are all of the latest designs and according to the culture of the importing country.
� Expertise: With more than 600 units in a small region the sharing of knowledge and interactions have empowered our people to become experts in ceramics. This expertise is for the buyers to enjoy.
What Needs to be done?
The Indian Embassy is more than happy to represent your catalogs and marketing material to building construction companies and the government. It is bet to approach them initially.
The manufacturers can tie up with already established business houses in Bahrain to promote their brands and products.
Taking part in a Trade Fair on building and construction can help the brand. It can also educate the entrepreneurs from India to network and learn from the Bahrain counterparts. This also empowers brand building.
A consistent and focused branding effort will reap rich dividends on the long run.
The sum total of establishing a business in Bahrain would generate good business and stable sustainable profits. The action in the direction does not seem to be too costly either. We believe it is worth a shot. Go for it.
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