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Vitrified Tiles : Growth and More Growth
It has been more than a year since the story of slowdown is making the waves. It is so loud that you can hear slowdown in economy while you are asleep too. However, this swiss replica watches slowdown has not affected the Vitrified tiles sector it seems.
The ceramic sector is experiencing a very slow growth as good as stagnation. Most of the companies are in the act of consolidation and development for the next big wave of demand to open up. Many entrepreneurs have started exploring more avenues to sell, more opportunities to cut on costs and better ways to manufacture making the products more cost effective.
Every slowdown gives a great chance for enterprises to introspect, redefine goals and make their vision stronger and broader. The industry is surely going through this phase.
But, vitrified tiles manufacturers do not seem in the mood to feel the heat of the slowdown. This jaeger lecoultre replica watches is evident from the fact that nearly 15 new units of vitrified tiles are commencing production. In a period of about six months all the fifteen will have their tiles in the markets. It is a striking dissimilarity to any of the economic factors, that there is new capacity emerging in slow down, when many sectors experience weaker players withdrawing from the markets. It is confusing but motivating to learn that there is hope.
What is even more interesting is that 20 more are already in pipeline and should make it to the markets by the end of the next financial year.
This emergence of this aggressive entrepreneurship is not blunt. There are supporting factors that have motivated these risky investments in a slowing market with depressing demand.
Technology Enhancements
Technology in ceramic sector is enhancing almost every year now. From a simple 4 color digital printing machine, we are witnessing 8 color and also gold and silver surface treatments. This is just one example of how technology in the ceramic sector is upgrading at a rapid pace. This gives the chance for new players to establish a cutting edge ahead of the already established companies that have invested heavily and payback period is not yet complete.
Import of machinery has become mother and new machines are also emerging in India that are cost effective and serve the purpose of competitive pricing in a clobbered market. Thus the new companies that come up with better machines at a lower investment can easily beat the prices.
The consumers and the channel partners all need lower prices and wider range. With new technology implementations, new companies can provide this exactly.
Higher Production Capacities
It is not new that larger capacities bring the costs down. It is basic economic concept. New machines and better technologies complement the need for larger production capacities. This brings down the costs.
As far as range, design, style and durability of the product are concerned they get only better. So the consumer can get better products from a new player than an established one. This is exactly what the buyers want and the new players are more than eager to meet their expectations.
Wider Range
The consumer is exposed to so much of innovation and creativity in every aspect of life, they have become habituated to getting new and fresh designs and shapes.
In every consumer product, mobile, television sets, refrigerators, the trend of new, fresh, advanced and latest has smoothly set in. Thus the new entrants in the vitrified tiles market can easily manage new designs. The shapes and surface textures too go in for better and more enhanced looks better 3 dimensional effects, smoother surfaces for glossy and satin all are included in the products.
Further, the already working designs can be duplicated by the company, but the can develop new designs to meet new fags because the digital printing technology permits that.
The sizes of the vitrified tiles are also increasing. This is a huge advantage in the luxury sector. The larger sizes promise grandiose looks and hence the luxurious buyer would prefer these sizes. The existing players cannot abruptly start newer sizes. The newer players can compete on this strategic advantage.
Types of Tiles
With types of tiles like Double Charged, GVT and Porcelain proposing wider choice to the consumer, the markets can be flooded with many types of tiles and yet the demands will increase.
The burden now will be squarely on the channel partners as they will have to invest in maintaining higher show piece volumes. The new players will all have enough production capacity and variety to make inroads into the placements.
There are already a number if huge interior design showrooms coming up across the world to display these huge variety of products, so the demand, initially promises to be good.
The new players will all have better branding propositions in the coming years. Why? The economy is facing a sustained stagnation, putting a big pressure on advertising. Thus the advertising expenditure at national (and international) levels are coming down. This gives the new players a chance to develop their brands at a much lower cost.
Further, they will also have one or the other partner who has already gone through the branding cycle to have enough knowhow on brand building and the pitfalls the process leads to. This experience gives better ROI on advertising and branding exercise.
While most of these aspects are very valid in India, globally too some of these aspects make are very relevant. However, there is very distinct advantage that exports provide to Indian Manufacturers.
Our quality is of global standard. Our designs can beat those of any unit located in Europe or Americas. We have capacities to meet huge orders.
The pricing with which we can supply vitrified tiles is probably the lowest for the quality that we supply. The endurance of our products is long and hence we can fetch better market share on global shores.
These are some of the major strengths that we have that can help new players make road into the international markets and gain.
We however have to make sustained concentrated efforts to build brand and the recognition of the brand in the international markets. This is where many of our entrepreneurs start depending on external agencies or so called experts. It is here advised by Build Avenue team that you yourself go in the grind of brand building and learn the art and practices. This helps you relate to the buyers and the consumers in different countries.

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