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01.jpg Thinking, Doing, Succeeding (setting pace)
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01.jpg Three basic activities that we perform subconsciously. These activities are basic in human nature and no one can escape it.
However, businessmen with time and experience learn to use these activities very beneficially. Most businessmen start with a small investment and initially DO almost all work. As they grow and of course succeed a bit, they form teams to do work for them. With time they start thinking more and doing less.
More so doing less of what they did earlier and start doing things they never did. This is what entrepreneurs and businessmen are known for.
For ceramic industry, the last decade has actually been of turbulence. There has been tremendous growth in periods and extreme slowdowns in between, increasing VUCA effect on the industry. However, the ability of entrepreneurs in Morbi and mainly in Ceramic Sector is that of continuously thinking, doing and succeeding and/or failing.
What is most significant and natural to entrepreneurs in the region is their indelible confidence in their capability to do things at a pace not seen anywhere. The pace itself gives them the edge to succeed. Yes things go out of hand at times.
So, whenever I think of entrepreneurship and Morbi Business Ecosystem, I cannot help but notice the wide distinction that is an outlier. The pace of thinking and doing in Morbi is humungous. I commend the businessmen of Morbi for that.
I would like to close on a note that I once heard a business leader delegating his team. “I am asking you to do something that I need done as of Yesterday. Yes I need tremendous speed in my work.”
Keep up the Pace, Think, Do Succeed.