The autumn exhibition season is set to commence from October 19th to 21st with the inauguration of Caspian Construction Week.

The autumn exhibition season is set to commence from October 19th to 21st with the inauguration of Caspian Construction Week. This year, a new exhibition is being added to the roster of events under its banner. In addition to the 3rd Azerbaijan International Restoration, Reconstruction, and Development of Karabakh Exhibition - Rebuild Karabakh, the 28th Azerbaijan International Construction Exhibition - BakuBuild, and the 15th Anniversary International Exhibition for Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning, Water Supply, Sanitary, and Swimming Pool - Aquatherm Baku, the Week will now also feature the 11th Caspian International Road Infrastructure and Public Transport Exhibition - Road&Traffic. All these events will take place at the Baku Expo Center.

This year's exhibitions are expanding their footprint, showcasing a growing presence year by year. While in 2022 they occupied two halls at the Baku Expo Center, this year, the third hall is expected to be utilized as well. An innovation for Caspian Construction Week is the utilization of the open space at the Baku Expo Center for the exhibitions.

Remarkably, these exhibitions coincide with a momentous occasion: the celebration of the 100th jubilee of Heydar Aliyev, the National Leader of the Azerbaijani nation and the founding figure of the independent Azerbaijani state. This commemoration is aptly reflected in the Week's program.

Participating in these events are companies from various countries including Azerbaijan, Belarus, the Czech Republic, China, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Turkey, the UAE, Uzbekistan, and more. Notably, Germany, Hungary, Russia, and Uzbekistan will also set up national and regional stands.

The Rebuild Karabakh exhibition, dedicated to the reconstruction of the region, is in its 3rd iteration this year. Its objective is to spotlight the positive transformations in Karabakh and encourage companies and entities to engage in the region's restoration. The exhibition seeks international participation in investment projects within Karabakh, aiming to stimulate investments, involve foreign companies, and revitalize the regional infrastructure.

Over the years, both local and foreign companies from diverse sectors have shown significant interest in Rebuild Karabakh, establishing it as a pivotal event in Azerbaijan's exhibition industry. President Ilham Aliyev's welcome letter to participants, featured in the official exhibition catalogue, further attests to its importance.

A notable aspect of Rebuild Karabakh is its support for the Karabakh Revival Fund through a portion of the income from exhibition area sales. This cooperation aims to contribute to the ongoing restoration and reconstruction efforts across Azerbaijan's liberated territories.

Covering fields ranging from ecology, energy, and information technology to agriculture, mining, and tourism, the exhibitions offer a comprehensive view of various industries. BakuBuild and Aquatherm Baku, established over a span of 15 years, facilitate the introduction of innovative construction goods and services to the national market.

Aquatherm Baku, a premier exhibition in heating, ventilation, and related fields, features diverse sectors such as air conditioning, radiators, thermal insulation, saunas, and more. Road&Traffic is a specialized event focusing on Azerbaijan's road infrastructure, serving as a hub for professionals from road, transport, safety, and IT sectors.

The exhibitions provide a platform for experts to share insights, fostering knowledge exchange and professional growth. With an international status, participants can present products in domestic and overseas markets, expanding their reach.

The business program includes discussions on the "Great Return" to Azerbaijan's liberated territories, B2B meetings, and special sessions in Aghdam. The exhibitions receive support from various government agencies, industry organizations, and sponsors.

Caspian Construction Week is jointly organized by Caspian Event Organisers, Iteca Caspian, Caspian Event Management, and ICA Events. For more information, visit the official exhibition webpages.